Celebrating Father’s Day with my Ex-Husband


Yep! You read that right! I celebrated Father’s Day with my ex-husband. Well, the kids were there too. Not all divorced parents can get along. I am lucky that my ex and I do get along. More than that though, we have managed to become friends once again after our split. It took hard work and communication on both sides but we did it.

Father’s Day is also a day to appreciate the dad in your kids’ lives who is more than just a sperm donor. He takes his role seriously and he makes sure to be there for them, even when it’s hard. For example, lately Conner has been showing his tween side all too often. He is argumentative more than usual, moody, and back talking a bit too much.

His dad doesn’t run away when he gets like that. He also doesn’t go to the other extreme. He sticks it out, buckles down for the ride right along with me and I will say that as co-parents, we have each other’s backs during these small crisis’.

So I celebrate Father’s Day with my ex-husband to show him appreciation. I appreciate that he is there for our children. I appreciate that we get along. Most of all though, I appreciate that he loves our children just as much as I do and will do anything for them.

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Let’s Switch Gears for a minute…

I did not have a father growing up. When I did meet my father, I wished I hadn’t. He was abusive and manipulative and an all around bad person. When he wasn’t being those things, he spent most of my childhood and teenage years denying my brother and me. I spent a good chunk of my life hating my father because he never loved me and never wanted me.

Father’s Day was never celebrated in my house because of this. There was only one man I ever called dad and he was actually my sister’s father. He was the first father I knew but unfortunately he didn’t stay in the picture for very long.


My boys do! At some point in my teenage years I made a promise to my future children that I would make damn sure they would have a good father. They would have a dad who loved them beyond measure and would always be there for them.

Of course, by the time I met the father of my future kids, partying was more on both of our minds than kids. Being in our early twenties kind of does that. Yet somehow, I was able to keep that promise to them. Was it a promise kept or was it just fate? I don’t know, to tell you the truth but what I do know is my boys have an awesome dad!



Not every kid is lucky enough to have a loving and devoted father though and I want to take a minute to recognize that. Perhaps because of this, my ex and I made it a point to get along even when we didn’t for the sake of our kids. All too often I see parents who can’t even be in the same room together let alone get along but they too, at least make an effort for their kids.

Then there are dads out there who have to fight to see their kids because the moms are so hateful towards them that they use the kids against those dads. This is something I have seen a lot of and it really angers me. It angers me because at the end of the day, the only people really getting hurt are the kids.

Then there are kids whose fathers have passed away. Those dads are sorely missed. There are also children whose fathers choose not to be in their lives for whatever reason. My heart breaks for these kids because I know how that feels. But my heart also swells at the thought of my own children having a great dad.

Celebrating Father’s Day…

This year the boys wanted to do something really special for their dad but they didn’t know what. He has been wanting a model car Delorean from Back to the Future. He had it on his list for his birthday. Except that his birthday isn’t until September so I thought, why not get it for him for Father’s Day?

We also got him a Samurai Sword. Not a real one mind you. Those are way out of my price range. On Saturday Adam and I went to the Renaissance Festival and they were selling Samurai Swords. It was a decent price and very well made (with a dull blade) so I picked it up for him. Just in time for Father’s Day.

The kids couldn’t wait to give him the presents and he was really happy to get them. He loves both gifts. This was my way though of showing appreciation to the man who my kids call Dad! So thank you Tom, for being such a great father to our beautiful boys!

Happy Father’s Day!


And Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

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I’m Back on YouTube

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As many of you know I have been wanting to get back to YouTube for some time now. Well, it’s been about three weeks and I’ve posted about 4 new videos so far. Anyone who subscribes to my email or Facebook has already seen that I’ve posted them to my blog.

I am still working out the kinks but YouTube has become a fun little platform that I like to use for other projects such as making music videos for the games that I play. I have also taken my reviews and put them to video. I talk about Movies, TV shows, Music, and of course video games.

So how am I doing so far?

YouTube has a lot of new rules now, especially concerning music copyright that I have to learn more about. My first music video got flagged because I didn’t  credit the licensing company for the song. That was a stressful few days but once I figured it out I am good now.

Editing is still a learning process for me as well. The cool thing about YouTube though is you can look up how to edit videos and such. There are a few things I would like to learn to make my videos better but I’m getting there.

I really want to learn how to get video clips of movies and TV shows and put them into my videos but that seems like a very long and complicated process. Again, I will get there eventually but for now my favorite videos to make are the music videos. I really enjoyed making Dragon Age: Inquisition – Live Like Legends. I had so much fun making that and I can’t wait to make more.

I am also looking forward to making some YouTube videos with my son, Conner. School isn’t out yet. The kids still have another week and a half but once that is done, I want to make a video with him. Hopefully, it will be our take on Avengers: Infinity Wars.

So, take a look at my new category YouTube and check out my videos.

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This coming week is going to be very busy with another field trip, field Day, and an awards ceremony for my oldest. What are your plans this week?

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