Songs of Summer: And What I’m listening To Now

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This past Summer I’ve listened to a lot of new songs. Songs of Summer is actually the name of one playlist. To say my iTunes library has gotten bigger might be an understatement. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love music. Music was and still is (sometimes) my lifeline. It is also my way of feeling the ever changing moods that I feel.

In the last post I talked about the different ways I fought off depression. I forgot to mention that music played a big part in that. I listened to some old Songs of Summer and found a few new ones that I love. These are all feel good songs that both energize me and leave me reminiscing about the Summers of old.

So what’s on my Songs of Summer Playlist?

Well, instead of listing them, I’ll just let you listen for yourself, Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a few new songs for your playlist:





That’s just to name a few of the songs I have on my playlist. I have at least 20 songs on that list including Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp, The Boys of Summer by Don Henley, and This Summer by Maroon 5. What are your favorite Songs of Summer?

So what am I listening to now?

While it’s been hard not to listen to my favorite Songs of Summer, I have found other music to keep me going and keep me excited about the coming months. That’s what music does. It gets me excited. It helps cheer me up. It also helps me feel deeply whatever I need to feel.

I do believe this is the first video where these guys aren’t wearing their masks. They’re known for their masks. I’ve been a fan of Hollywood Undead for years but I have to say with each new album they release they are definitely evolving. I love this song Gotta Let Go because of how we all look back on our younger days. Did we follow our dreams? Are we still chasing those dreams?

But the best verse is “God only knows where the hell would I be, if I had the old me sitting beside me”. I love that verse. I think about that sometimes. My past self. I am so different from who I used to be but I think I’ve only gotten better, smarter, and most of all, happier. We all change. We all evolve. That’s what this songs represents to me.

I love the upbeat tones of this song High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco but it’s also inspirational in the lyrics too. It’s about aiming high and not giving up. He says “Mama said don’t give up”. I say that to my boys. Don’t give up. Keep it moving and aim high! What a great song!

Starset is one of my favorite bands. I found them a couple years back and I love their epic music sounds. Ricochet is a sadder song and if you watch the video I think it’s kind of cool and sad at the same time. This song is one I plan to use in a future gaming video so keep a look out for this one.

I don’t think I can even have a playlist these days without at least ONE 80’s song :p I love this song because it’s empowering. Plus, it’s such a fun song to sing along to in the car, haha!

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes (featuring Adam Levine). This is such an upbeat song but what I love the most about it is the metaphor of one’s love being a song, or a boombox. What an amazing way to express one’s love and it’s exactly what resonates with me and my way of looking at music and at love. I’m going to include some of the lyrics here because I just love them!

I think finally found a note to make you understand
If you can hit it, sing along and take me by the hand
Keep myself inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart’s a stereo that only plays for you
My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo
I only pray you never leave me behind (Never leave me)
Because good music can be so hard to find (So hard to find)
I take your hand and pull it closer to mine
Thought love was dead, but now you’re changing my mind


That’s right ya’ll Godsmack is back! To anyone who listened to them back in the late 90’s, you will want to hear their new music. When Legends Rise is my favorite song off their new album. They don’t have an official video but I really wish they did. Oh well, here is the lyric video instead. I have to end this list on a rock hard, in your face, battle born type of song. It really gets in my head these lyrics alongside the amazing guitar riffs and drum beats.

Again, I have at least 20 songs on my new playlist. They range from Zayde Wolf to Adelitas Way. I also have Good Charlotte and Gemini Syndrome, which I found on Amazon Music.

Well, that’s it for me for this week’s post. From my Songs of Summer to Songs of September, I hope you enjoy the music I brought to you.

Thanks so much for reading!



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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with My 15 All-Time Favorite Love Songs

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As you all know, Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday. However, this year I want to share with you my 10 favorite love songs of all time. Now, I have to be honest. When I decided to write this post I had no idea just how many love songs there actually are. I also had no idea just how many love songs I really enjoy so narrowing down to just 15 was extremely difficult. As I’m writing this I am still struggling to pick just 15 of my favorite love songs.

I have seen blog posts about TV’s best couples and the best romantic movies of all times. As a music enthusiast though, I really want to share my 15 favorite love songs because for me, in many ways, music trumps TV couples and romantic movies. Side note: I am aware many of these songs appear in the latter.

So without further ado, here are my 15 favorite all time love songs:

Oh, and these are in no particular order. That was just way too hard.

Nickelback is one of my favorite bands. A lot of people apparently think these guys are too corny but I love them and this was the song that made them a favorite. This video gets me in the feels every single time!

I mean, come on. Who in my generation hasn’t seen this movie or at the very least heard this song? I adore this song and I loved the friendship between Andie and Duckie, even though he was madly in love with her. I will always root for Duckie!

Everything by Lifehouse has to be on this list of my favorite love songs. The lyrics are so beautiful. “And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?” It’s all about the vibe. Simply standing next to a person and feeling so moved. No words, no gestures. Just vibes. Or maybe a look. That is my favorite line in the whole song and makes this one of the best!

Now you know I wouldn’t have any playlist on my blog without a Bon Jovi song! There are a lot of songs to choose from here. I’ll be There for You, Always, and Thank You come to mind when I think of Bon Jovi songs but Born to be My Baby is my all-time favorite. I love that his wife is in this video too. Their real life love story is inspiring.

Lover Dearest is by Marianas Trench. I discovered them through this song while watching Mass Effect music videos so it’s only fitting that I use the video that started it all.

One of the best TV shows of all time equals one of my favorite love songs of all time. I can’t really say much else about this song other than it always cheers me up. Most love songs don’t do that.

Now I went way back and I personally don’t think you can have any list without at least one song from the King.

Theory of a Deadman isn’t a band most people are familiar with but they are another one of my favorites. The end of a relationship is never easy and this song says it wonderfully.

If you grew up in the 80’s then you know this song. This song will ALWAYS be one of my all time favorite love songs!

This was one of the first songs I heard from Hinder. They still remain one of my favorite bands to this day. This song also partially inspired me to start writing supernatural fiction.

Oh yeah! Did you really think I wasn’t going to have Buffy on the list? Not a chance! While this song was in a different episode, the song sums up Buffy and Angel’s beautiful but tumultuous relationship.

Dido’s song Here With Me became the opening theme song of one of my favorite shows, Roswell. Jason Behr changed the way I looked at aliens;)

Madonna was my first introduction to the love song. When I was little she was my idol. I wanted to be just like her. This song will always be my favorite Madonna song.

Okay so I know this song is cheesy but the romantic in me really loves this song. This is another song that actually lifts my mood. I can’t help but sing along every time I hear it.

Okay so now for my last song. Ya’ll have no idea how hard this was to pick this last song. But I couldn’t let this list go without the beautiful angelic voice of the late, great Whitney Houston.

Wow! That was rough! I have so many other really great songs on my list but these are the ones I chose for the purpose of this post. What are your favorite love songs? Let me know in the comments.

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Why I love Rock/Alternative Music


So, what made me gravitate towards the rock/alternative music genre?  Well I suppose it started in high school when Green Day and Nirvana made their debut, though to be technical, they were considered Grunge and Punk Rock back then.  So my first step towards Alternative music actually started in the Grunge and Punk Rock genres.  Rock, on the other hand, has always been a part of my life.  As I mentioned in my last post, it’s been there from the beginning with the late, great Elvis Presley.

High school, for most of us, is about figuring out who we are but also about rebelling and Grunge/Punk Rock music was, as we use to say, “all that and a bag of chips.”  These bands seem to get us.  We bitched about everything from parents, to the opposite sex, to homework.  If it bothered us, we bitched about it.  I remember Green Day‘s Basket Case was about just that:



Then there was Nirvana.  Oh Nirvana!  I was actually introduced to them through a boyfriend.  In fact, he was so obsessed with them I remember coming to meet him outside one of his classes and a friend of his had come to warn me that he was having a bad day because, “didn’t you hear?  Kurt Cobain died!  He killed himself!”  Well, in fact I hadn’t heard about it and it was indeed sad news. So, I did what any good girlfriend would do.  I gave him some space that day then went home and made him a mixed tape of the best Nirvana songs to give to him the next day.  While listening to the songs, I started to like the band.  Smells Like Teen Spirit was and still is my favorite Nirvana songs.  As a teenager, I was always feeling alone and unwelcome in my own home.  I always felt out of place in school, at church, everywhere.  So, of course I would gravitate towards Nirvana.  Most of the Rock/Grunge bands back then talked about things that most teenagers felt:  Feeling out of place, being bored, and being misunderstood.

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Now, because I had also listened to other music genres, I didn’t favor all grunge/punk rock bands but I did find my way back to them on and off over the years.  I have listened to The Offspring and branching off, have listened to My Chemical Romance.  In fact, with My Chemical Romance, I bought their The Black Parade CD and listened to it so much that at some point, the CD got scratched and I couldn’t listen to it anymore.  My favorite song on that CD is Famous Last Words.  While in the throws of my PTSD, this song got me.


my-chemical-romance-logo2Lincoln Park and Papa Roach led me into yet another direction just slightly off another beaten path, of the already beaten path.  With their mix of hard rock and rap, I fell in love with these two bands.  Every time I hear that these two bands are bringing out a new album, I go straight to iTunes and pre-order their music, waiting excitedly for the next song to show up in my library.  With Lincoln Park, their songs, for me, dealt mostly with family or people in my life who have hurt me.  It always seemed that with my family I had to wear a mask and be someone I’m not.  I got so good at hiding myself that even my closest friends didn’t really know me.  Their song, Numb really hit the nail on the head:


Papa Roach is one band that I have listened to over and over again. With their music I battle my demons.  We all have our inner darkness that we must struggle with and bands like Papa Roach, Red, and Skillet are my favorite ones to listen to when I need to battle the demons within. They recently released a new album and the best song on their is War Over Me.  This song is about exactly what I mentioned about battling your demons. Instead of writing the lyrics, I’m just going to leave you with their YouTube song.  They don’t have an official video for this song yet but if you listen to the lyrics, you will understand why I love this band.

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Music Has Always Been My Rock!


As From as far back as I can remember music has played a very integral part in my life. My mother told me the story of the day Elvis Presley died and how much she cried when the news came on.  She was holding me in her arms and I woke up and started crying too.  I was only two weeks old though so I clearly don’t remember that.

The very first song I remember is Pat Benatar’s Hit Me with you Best Shot. I have a very specific memory of walking around the house, using my mom’s hairbrush as a microphone and singing that song at the top of my lungs while my mom was folding laundry. That song, along with Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, became my theme songs especially when I was little.

My childhood was a rough one, so these songs, along with many others, helped me deal.  The lyrics were, to me, a battle cry of sorts that called for me to keep going. To fight for myself, my mother, and my younger siblings. I took these songs to heart as I trudged my way through the trenches of my young life.

madonnamusic_rockinrandommomBy the time I was six years old Madonna had emerged onto the music scene and I idolized her! I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I loved her rebelliousness but I also loved her hair and her clothes. Madonna is the one who inspired me to want to sing. I was always singing. I started singing in the choir in the third grade.

Then of course, there was the brief crush I had on Michael Jackson at around the same time. I had his Bad album, you know, back when they were actual records to which you used a record player. As I got older and had to deal with tougher times, music became my beacon of hope; the sanctuary to which my soul could retreat when things got really bad.  TV played a huge part for me as well, but music became the backbone of my existence.

Growing up in the 80’s allowed me to explore all types of music.  I listened to Stevie Wonder, Heart, Aerosmith, The Bangles, Salt-n-Pepa, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and most important of all, Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer still rocks my world every time I hear it)!

By the time I was in middle school New Kids on the Block had arrived on the scene and I wanted to Marry Joe Mcintyre! Sure, there was Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey, and the late Whitney Houston but I was obsessed with the five cute boys from Boston singing songs like Please Don’t Go Girl, I Will be Loving You, and Hangin’ Tough.

(This is a new song these guys put out this year)

The nineties were my high school days and the music just got better. I had started listening to Boys II Men, C&C Music Factory, Naughty By Nature, Snoop Dog, Biggie Smalls, TLC,and 2Pac. Yes, I had entered into a different genre of music but to me, if the song was good, I was going to listen to it. By my junior year I had gotten more into the grunge faze, listening to Nirvana (Kirk Cobain had coincidentally died that year), The Cranberries, Green Day, R.E.M, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, and Meatloaf. Meatloaf’s song, I’ll Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) was one of my favorite songs during my junior year.

My early college days were filled with No Doubt, Eminem, Creed, Hootie and the Blowfish, Sarah McLachlan, Korn, and Celine Dion. Yeah, I know. My musical palette was definitely full. I even had my Frank Sinatra faze.  Anyone who has heard understands. His voice is just captivating. At least, it is to me.


I have listened to everything from Dianna Ross to Queen; from Sweet Home Alabama to Enter Sandman; From Backstreet Boys to My Chemical Romance. When I was pregnant with Adam, I listened to classical music because I had heard that classical music was great for brain development. There is something very soothing about classical music though. These days, it goes unappreciated.

While I have listened to all sorts of music in my lifetime, my favorite genre to date is hard rock/alternative.  I think that wrestling with my demons has led me to this genre because I can relate to it. But while I have reached a new genre of music, I still get nostalgic for the old stuff. I still remember my first song. I even have it as my ringtone because as my life moves forward, so does the song.

What’s your favorite music? Let me know in the comments:)

Thanks so much for reading!