My First Flash Fiction Challenge: Creative Writing

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I have written my first flash fiction ya’ll! Two weeks ago I participated in a Facebook writing challenge. This group is run by one of my favorite bloggers and friend, Deb Stansil over at My Random Musings and she runs a group for writers. She posted a week long challenge for us called the Flash Fiction Challenge. I was very nervous at first because I have never done a flash fiction before but I really wanted to try it.

So this is my first flash fiction challenge and I’m pretty proud of it!

So without further ado, Here are the stories from my First Flash Fiction:

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She gets herself ready in her haggard old trailer. She puts on her polka dotted costume and big red shoes. Next she places her purple curly wig on her head. With her face painted white and her lips painted red, she puts the last piece on. The big red nose. Out the door she goes in the dead of night but just before she leaves she remembers her hatchet, still blood stained from the night before.

She walks out into the night, hatchet in hand, hunting. Hunting for other predators of the night. The ones who once prayed on her when she was young. Now she hunts them. And they are afraid.

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Kristen had a long day at work. She has been working hard the past year, with a lot of overtime. Her sister thinks she’s become a workaholic but she’s just trying to take care of her daughter. With no more than a high school education Kristen has had to work hard for everything she has since she found herself pregnant at 18.

Working three jobs to pay bills and keep food on the table has been a real struggle but her efforts may pay off when she gets home and sees her daughter waiting for her with a letter in her hand.

Kristen doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She learned a long time ago not to. She looks at the letter. It’s a big envelope. Maybe that’s a good thing? Her daughter has been waiting to open it with her. Kristen sits down on the couch. No. She has to stand up. She starts pacing as her daughter rips open the seal.

She reads the letter. Her daughter has been accepted. Finally. Her daughter gets to do what she never could. Go to college.

The lion paces back and forth
As the people stop and stare.
His mane brushing against his face
From the light breeze
that seems to sweep with care.

The gorilla sits pouting on his bed in the shade
As children look at him with frightened eyes.
The sun is too hot
So the shade is where he resides.

The crocodile lays in wait
Just beneath the lake.
He bides his time there
And makes the onlookers shake.

The elephants blow water from their long trunks
Washing their babies who are little sprites
Making playful noises to the children
Watching with delight.

When everyone leaves the zookeeper locks up
He stops by each animal house
And says, “good night”

When the sun goes to bed and the moon wakes
Some animals sleep while others stay awake.

For now the zoo is closed but
tomorrow is another day.
So come one, come all
The animals want to play.

woman with disease_myfirstflashfiction_rockinrandommom
The disease spread rapidly through the city. By the end of week one it had spread through the state. The Soldiers were sent in to set up blockades while the doctors worked tirelessly alongside scientists to figure out where this disease came from.

No one knew how it started and without patient zero there was no surefire way to create a cure let alone a vaccine. The good thing is it wasn’t airborne, at least not yet. But people were getting infected at an exponential rate.

No one was safe. Miraculously animals weren’t getting sick but they were dying all the same. The infected were eating their pets and infecting their children.

They thought it was the flu at first but it quickly proved to be no disease ever on record. The doctors were stumped. The soldiers were dying of the same disease and soon, state by state, the U.S was getting overrun by this disease but America wasn’t the only country suffering.

Before the news anchors went offline they had reported this disease had hit as many as 13 countries, including the UK, Japan, Canada, and most of Western Europe. Other countries that hadn’t been hit yet started building walls to keep the sick out.

The few survivors stayed safe by finding old bunkers and hiding out but eventually they had to go out and scavenge for food. Many died during these ventures.

Now the land is filled with humans who are no longer capable of thought. There is nothing left of the minds they once possessed. They are nothing more than mindless husks with only one need – to eat flesh. Animal or human it doesn’t matter. Flesh is flesh and it’s the only thing that keeps them from wasting away to nothing.

woman standing in the rain_MyFirstFlashFiction_rain_rockinrandommom
The young woman walked alone in the rain. It’s pouring down. She’s soaked from head to toe. She doesn’t care. She’s not even thinking about the rain because she’s lost in her own head. She’s fuming with a rage that she can’t quell.

She’s not even aware of her growing thirst until she happens upon a pimp beating on what she assumes is one of his prostitutes. That’s exactly what she needs. She can beat this guy to a bloody pulp until he thinks he can’t take anymore then suck him dry. He deserves it.

She only vaguely hears the girl scream and run away. It’s 2am in the city and the streets are dark. The street lights don’t work and the city is too cheap to install cameras in this part of town. It works in her favor.

The blood does nothing to calm her though. He just had to walk back into her life. Out of no where after 200 years. The last time she saw him she told him she’d kill him if she ever saw him again. Yet she didn’t. She was so shocked to see him she froze. The man who made her fall in love with him then turned her into a blood sucking vampire.

Why didn’t she just kill him?

So that’s it for my first flash fiction. What do you think? Leave me a message in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading!



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Short Story: Werewolf Next Door


This is my first short story. It’s about a teenage girl in foster care who happens to be a werewolf. 

I’ve been in the foster care system since I was 6 years old. Now I am almost 18 and I know what that means. I’ll be out on the streets. Now for some kids this is terrifying. For others, it’s better than what they have. For me, though, it’s freedom. It’s freedom because at 16, I discovered something about myself that is a whole lot scarier but also extremely liberating. I’ve had to keep it under wraps for the past two years. I am a werewolf.

I was never bitten. I didn’t have a scary experience walking home one night with a werewolf jumping out at me. No it was nothing like that. It also wasn’t as dramatic as it is in the movies. It didn’t happen suddenly. It was a gradual thing that honestly, I thought was just part of puberty. That is until I started hearing sounds from over a mile away and my eyes would occasionally go from emerald green to a bright gold color. Those are changes I didn’t expect.

Then as my 17th birthday got closer, I grew fangs and claws during the full moon. I got stronger too and I developed a low growl that even scared myself. After a lot of research I learned what I was but not how I came to be. Was I born like this? Why is it showing up now? But make no mistake, I am definitely a werewolf.

I’m heading to my last foster home. Sitting in the back seat of my social worker’s car, I am writing this down as I listen to Linkin’ Park in my headphones. I want to remember this moment. I am going back to a home that still gives me nightmares. I need the strength of my favorite bands to get me through this.

As the song, Fight by All Good Things plays, the car stops. I pause the song but stare at my journal. I hate this place! Then I hear my social worker call my name. “Rayven. We’re here. Grab your stuff.”

When we get to the door, a woman answers. I remember her. Sheila is her name. Her hair is a mess. She looks like she just woke up. After a few pleasantries are shared I am shown to my room.

later that evening, HE comes home. As soon as I see him a knot forms in the pit of my stomach. I feel like I am going to throw up but I also am struck with intense rage. I can feel my teeth changing, getting sharper. I have to close my eyes because I know they are changing too. I can almost feel it happening. It’s hard to explain but my head hurts. It only ever hurts when my eyes are changing.

What is happening? I learned awhile back that it doesn’t take the full moon to make me change but I am losing control. I have to get a handle on this. But I am just so damn angry! Right now all I can think of is ripping his throat out. The more I think about my desire to rip him apart, the more I feel the change.

At that moment, I don’t know what came over me but I put my headphones on and ran up to my room. I shut the door and turned off the light. I have to let the music calm me so I play some Florence and the Machine. Thankfully, he didn’t follow me up but I still have his image in my head. That cocky smirk that flashed across his face as soon as he saw me. He thinks he has me but he will never, ever touch me again!

But I also need to control myself. Just six more months until I’m free. I just need to get through the rest of the year. This guy though. He will test me for sure. How will I keep myself from going full wolf on his ass when every time I see him I want to kill him?

No! I won’t let him win. I won’t lose control. Just six more months. Then I can leave this hell hole and never look back. You got this Rayven. Just six more months then you will be free.

That is the end of my story. What did you think? I have more for this character but for now I leave it hear. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Thanks so much for reading!



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