Papa Roach-War Over Me


*Update: This article was published in 2015. Since then Papa Roach has made another album called Crooked Teeth. It was just released this year and it is just as amazing as F.E.A.R. You can check them out on iTunes.*

Two years ago I was the guest blogger at Jingle Jangle Jungle, a music blog. My post on Papa Roach was published and I want to take the time to share that post to you all again! You can read that article HERE. In celebrating my article, and to honor one of my all-time favorite bands, I have used my favorite quote from my favorite song on their latest Album, F.E.A.R. called War Over Me.


Papa Roach is one of my favorite bands because I really connect to their music. Papa Roach has always reached me in an I-am-mad-as-hell kind of way. When ever I am angry with the world or even with myself and my soul is struggling with things, I open up my music library on my phone, scroll down to the P’s and open up Papa Roach. Their music gives me an outlet that helps me to express my darker emotions either through working out or writing. In fact, many of their songs inspire me to write the stories that I write.

War Over Me is my favorite song because the lyrics are exactly how I feel about myself and my healing. I suffered through a lot in my life and had to fight a mental illness. I fought because I want to be happy and I am determined to live my life my way. In order to do that, however, I had to fight for my soul. They released this song at the exact time I needed to hear it. I was nearing the end of my darkest moments of my illness. My therapy was also ending but I needed another small push in the right direction. This song has inspired me in more ways than I can ever truly express and I am so thankful to the band for writing, what is in my opinion, a masterpiece!

Here is the video for the Papa Roach song, War Over Me. I have used it in other posts but if you’re into this kind of music you will love this song!

I am very proud of my article and I hope all of you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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