Vampire and Zombie Hunter: Chapter 4


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Reina was an only child, and only grandchild to the king of a mountain clan of warriors called Kinloch. Being a girl and future heir, her grandfather doted on her but her father was harder on her than anyone else. The beatings started when she was eight years old. These beatings happened sporadically in order to toughen up the child but truth be told her father hated her. He enjoyed hurting her. Maybe because he resented her birth. He never wanted children. Eirik Kinloch was a cruel man but he was her father. She didn’t feel she had any other choice but a few times she did defy him. The first time was when she was ten years old. He had a temper that sometimes extended to the other children.  During one of the training sessions, a boy named Brennan dropped his wooden sword when he tripped over a small rock.  The same age as Reina, he knew Eirik would beat him but what he didn’t expect was Reina stepping between them.

Eirik was in a particularly foul mood that morning and everyone knew it.  All of the children were tense and on edge because they knew one wrong move or mistake could earn them several lashes. He had his whip in hand and his steely blue eyes were ice cold as his gaze locked onto Brennan. The burly man stomped over to the young boy but before he could raise his whip, Reina stepped in front of him with her small steel sword in her hand, raised to her father.  “I’m ready to show you how much I’ve learned father.”  Eirik stopped short before attempting to dismiss her and focus his attention back to Brennan but Reina blocked his view, pointing her sword at her father’s abdomen.

Now, the father’s attention was focused on his daughter.  He was angry and she knew it but she was used to his abuse by now.  So, he turned his attention to his young daughter, seeing the defiance in her face, reached to snatch the sword out of her hands but she was too quick.  She twirled it around to avoid his grasp then rolled sideways to evade his reach.  She stood up quickly and smile wickedly at him, waiting for him to take the bait.  He did just that and pulled out his sword.  “Alright child, when I beat you, you’ll get the whip then I’ll whip your friend twice just to pay for your insolence.”  Reina just smiles. This makes her more determined to win and after a few rounds with her father, she knocks the sword out of his hand, kicks him in the shin, knocking him down then points her sword directly under his chin pressing down just enough for him to feel it.

After that, she and Brennan became best friends. They would practice together down by the creek. She would teach him how to fight with a sword and he introduced her to the bow and arrow. By the time they were 19 years old, the two were fighting side by side and had fallen in love. Reina had grown into a beautiful and vibrant young woman who could cut a man in half with her newest sword she called Red Rage.  Brennan had grown into a very handsome young man with brown wavy hair that sat upon his shoulders and big hazel eyes. Tall and thin with broad shoulders and strong arms, he was among several wanted young men in the village for marriage to some of the young women who were ready to settle down.

Everyone knew that Brennan only had eyes for one woman and she only wanted him. No other young man could get close to her. She wouldn’t allow it. However, she was not ready to marry. Most young women her age were already married and having babies but Reina had bigger plans. She was a part of a small group of women who fought alongside their male counterparts when they went to conquer new lands. She loved the thrill of the battle as much as she loved Brennan but she knew that once she married she would have to give that up. She wasn’t ready to.

Part of her job wasn’t just fighting though. She often went scouting with Brennan in search of land. A group of scouts were sent ahead to look for new places to settle and they would sometimes pair off to cover more ground. It was during one of these searches that sparked a new desire in Reina. Brennan always wore his long brown hooded leather coat but something about that hood and the way it covered his face just enough that she could only see his mouth. Something about those lips made her want to taste them.

Before she realized what she was doing, her eyes had wandered to take in the rest of his body. She observed the way his coat lay open just enough to expose his strong chest through his white tunic. She noticed how the rope that kept his tunic fitted to him sat nicely around his waist. Then her eyes wandered further and her thoughts began to imagine what was under those pants…

She is snapped out of her head by the snapping of Brennan’s fingers in her face. “Hello! Reina!” She looks up at him and realizes that she was somewhere else. “What?” Brennan looks at her puzzled. “You’ve been staring at me then you started smiling. Where did you go just now?” The thought that he caught her staring at him was bad enough but she didn’t know she was smiling. She quickly said, “No where. I was nowhere but now I am going somewhere. I’m going to go check… over there.” She points her sword in a random direction and walks away from Brennan. She can’t believe where her thoughts just took her and she is angry at herself for letting him catch her staring at him.

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Vampire and Zombie Hunter – Chapter 3

Vampire and Zombie Hunter


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Dazed from the electricity coursing through his body, Dylan barely realizes what happens next.  He sees the torturer thrown against the wall and the interrogator looks like he’s dangling in the air.  He sees a female form standing in front of the man and she’s holding him up with one hand around his throat.  He looks up at her face. the same pale skin and dark red hair.  He notices more of her now, how the black jeans accentuate her round derriere and the curve of her hips, fitting her thighs like a glove.  Before he has a chance to process this, another woman comes up from behind him, walking towards the red head.  The other woman he saw. Dylan starts to wonder if he’s hallucinating when he hears the blond woman speak. “Put him down Reina. We need to know what he knows before we kill him. Why don’t you see to the soldiers?”

Reina drops the man with a stone cold look in her deep blue eyes as she walks towards the soldiers. When she approaches Dylan, the coldness washes away and concern replaces it. She kneels down to look at Dylan. She can tell he’s in pain and barely conscious but before she can make a full assessment, he speaks to her. “Don’t worry about me. Get my men out of here.” Reina glances over at the other men.  They are all wounded badly but they will live.  She hears the torturer start to stir and in an instant, is by his side, lifting him up.  Dylan sees her bare what looks like fangs and sinks her teeth into the man’s neck. Dylan finally passes out from the pain.

Reina drains the man completely until he falls dead in her arm.  She drops his corpse to the ground.  She was hungry and angry.  She hadn’t eaten in quite a while, since they arrived in the country and she needed nourishment.  Thankfully the soldiers are too out of it to really notice. She knows they won’t remember much. She turns to her friend, Trea, who is circling a cowering interrogator like a wolf circles its prey. He saw Reina drink from the dead man but mustering up all of his courage, he looks at Trea with disgust. “You’re demons! You will burn-“. Trea bites into the man’s neck and drinks until she’s full, then drops him to the ground. She turns to Reina and asks, “Got what we came for. Let’s get these soldiers back to their base.”

Reina rolls her eyes at her friend and says with disappointment, “You just want to flirt with Joseph again.” Trea notes the judgement and replies with playfulness in her voice, “He’s cute.” “He’s human.” Reina says. Trea understands her friend’s sadness in her tone. “We were once human too.” Reina, with a mixture of sadness and frustation, stands up and looks at her friend, “Not anymore.” With that she turns her attention back to the unconscious man in front of her.

Reina kneels down in front of Dylan. He’s starting to come to again. This one is strong. To have endured so much pain in such a short amount of time and still find the strength to keep fighting.  She really looks at him this time, noticing his strong but bruised jawline, his broken nose and black eye.  He’s attractive, even in this state. She pulls out her knife from her boot, reaches around him and cuts the ropes holding his bleeding wrists together. His hands are blue, which means his circulation has been stopped. She rubs his hands together, shaking them to get the blood flowing again. It’s a good thing she just ate; otherwise she would be really tempted to drink his blood. The mix of sweat and blood is overwhelming her senses but there is something else that is keeping her from devouring him right here. What is it? She doesn’t have time to figure it out right now. She needs to get him and his men back to his base.

Trea helps her get the men to their hum-v. It’s dark out so they don’t need to cover up. On the drive back to the base, Trea starts the conversation. “He’s like you.”  Reina, driving, is caught off guard. “What?” Trea continues. “Him,” pointing to Dylan. “He’s a warrior, like you. Did you see him fight those guys with his hands tied behind his back. He didn’t give up. Just like you. Seeing that reminded me of when I first saw you.Do you remember?”

Reina remembers.  It may have been 1000 years but she still remembers like it was yesterday.


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Vampire and Zombie Hunter: Chapter 2

Vampire and Zombie Huntervampirezombiehunterch2_rockinrandommom

If you haven’t read Chapter One you can read it HERE

When Dylan came to hours later, his hands were tied tightly behind his back, so tight that he barely had any feeling left in his hands and wrists.  He quickly scanned the room and saw the rest of his unit tied and bound around him.  The room had no windows, only one door and the ground was dirt.  Dylan’s mouth was really dry and his head was throbbing but he had to stay calm and coherent so he could figure out his next move.

Within what seemed like an hour, a few masked men rushed into the room, weapons in hand, and in broken English, demanded Dylan and Jake to their feet.  Dylan, the leader and Jake, his second in command were the obvious choices.  They were walked down a long dirt hallway to another small room where there was a wooden chair and a camera.  Dylan and Jake looked at each other briefly.  They both knew what that meant.  These guys were going to broadcast their hostages.  Dylan has the sudden urge to laugh under his breath, which catches the attention of Jake and one of their captors.  He looks at Jake with a smile on his face, “well this isn’t what I thought I’d be doing today.”  Jake laughs under his breath at the comment.  Leave it to Dylan to make light of the situation.  The captor that heard Dylan speak hit him in his jaw with the butt of a rifle, almost knocking Dylan down but he gained his balance as Jake looked at Dylan, concerned, “Sergeant?”  Dylan looks at his friend.  “I’m fine.”

The captors push Dylan onto the wooden chair as they bring Jake’s tied hands up over a hook in the ceiling, standing next to Dylan.  The captors start speaking to the camera in their native language.  Jake knows what their saying, having studied the language.  His look is serious when Dylan looks over at him.  Jake mouths, “we’re dead” and Dylan knows this could be it.  He also knows they won’t kill them yet until they get whatever information they are looking for first and that means they will be tortured.

After the broadcast, Dylan and Jake are taken to another larger room that houses jail cells.  As they enter, Dylan can hear the screams of his men.  They already started torturing them.  Dylan is led to the scene and made to watch while pushed to his knees.  They are going to force him to watch his friends get tortured.  It’s Jake’s turn now.  They hang him on another hook then immediately start poking Jake’s abdomen with Tasers.  The one standing behind Dylan grabs his cheeks with an iron grip forcing him to look up at his friend.  The captor speaks in broken English, “Where are the women?”  Jake is doing his best not to scream as his torturer switches from Tasers to a red hot iron poker and stabs him just deep enough to draw blood but is ready to cut deeper if Dylan doesn’t answer the question.  Dylan looks at his interrogator with great confusion.  “What women?”  The interrogator orders the torturer to stab Jake again as Jake holds in the urge to scream and groans deep instead.  The interrogator looks down at Dylan again and shouts, “The demon women.  We know they’ve been to your base.  You know who they are.  Tell me where they are.”  Very confused by this line of questioning, Dylan scrambles to try to figure out if this guy is playing some sort of twisted psychological game that he isn’t familiar with.

Then he remembers two mysterious women talking with Sargent Lang the other night. The shorter of the two women was fair skinned with long red hair, tied in a ponytail and was dressed in black jeans, black heeled boots, and a brown leather halter that was half covered by a brown leather hooded jacket that came down to her thighs. The other woman was a few inches taller, dark skinned but with long bleach blond hair that hung loosely over her shoulders. She was wearing white dress pants that hung over her shoes that he couldn’t see. He could only see the heels. She was also wearing a white halter top. Definitely not the clothing of soldiers or the natives. They stuck out like a sore thumbs.

The taller woman was smiling and laughing while the red head was more serious, constantly looking around. She seemed to be the look out, scoping our base. As she was doing this Dylan made eye contact with the woman. It was just for a moment but he saw her sad blue eyes. He could see the pain but also the strength behind those eyes. It was as if he was looking into her soul. They do say the eyes are the windows to the soul but he never saw so much in another person before.

Shaking his head to get out of his sudden fixation on her eyes, bringing himself back to the present. He doesn’t know why they were there so decides to say nothing. He shrugs his shoulders and says, “All of this is about women?” Dylan sees fear in the man’s face and laughs softly, “Well shit, I want to meet these women that have you guys all in a fluster.” The interrogator breaks Dylan’s nose with the butt of his rifle.  Blood pouring down over his lips, he shouts, “What is it with you people and hitting me with your weapon?  Don’t you know how to use your fists?”

The torturer stabs Jake two more times before tasering him until his passes out. Really angry now, Dylan head butts the interrogator hard before jumping to his feet, hands still tied behind his back.  He rushes the other one to the ground as the interrogator comes up behind him but before the man can grab him from behind, he rolls off the torturer, laying on his back and using both feet, kicks the other one in the chest, knocking him backwards, catching him off balance.  Dylan jumps to his feet but the torturer quickly stands up behind him and Tasers him, dropping him to his knees.



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The Vampire and the Zombie Hunter: Ch. 1


Hello all! This is a novel I’ve been working on for probably about two years now. It’s not my first novel and this is probably going to be a little novella instead of a full fledged novel but I want to introduce you to The Vampire and the Zombie Hunter. This may not stick as the title but I liked the idea of putting vampire and zombie in the same story. I just asked myself, “what would a vampire do during a zombie apocalypse?

So I came up with this little gem. I don’t remember reading or watching anything with vampire and zombie in the same story. Do you? If so, maybe I missed something but I am fascinated by this idea and had to put vampire and zombie together. I hope you enjoy!



The Vampire and the Zombie Hunter

It’s another scorching day in the Middle East.  The rays of the sun are burning the sky as they stretch over the small white clouds floating by. Sergeant Dylan Benetti  is guarding the perimeter of his Marine base while his comrade and best friend, Lance Corporal Jake Makowski, hands him a canteen of warm water. The two men have known each other since their teens when they met in Dylan’s last foster home. They became fast friends and it was Dylan who talked Jake into joining the Marines. Dylan is twenty-three, has almond shaped light brown eyes and dark brown hair cut short, not shaved.  His five ‘o’clock shadow almost covers his dimples and curves around his thin mustache.

An Italian/Irish-American, Dylan is a tough individual who stands his ground. He’s fearless and strong. Growing up in foster homes since he was ten years old, after his mother was killed in a car accident, he had to be.  He had to grow up fighting for everything he had, never backing down from anyone. What set him apart from many other kids though was his willingness to stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves, mainly the younger kids that the bullies liked to prey on. Joining the Marines was a natural fit for such a young man. He’s a born leader and possesses a great respect for people from all walks of life. He’s more than just a survivor. He’s a warrior. He’s fiercely loyal to his unit but he doesn’t trust easily so keeps a very tight circle of friends, who he treats like family. When he walks into a room, his presence is known without even trying.  He’s an outgoing and adventurous person with a great sense of humor.

Jake, on the other hand, is a bit quieter and can sometimes be too negative. He is two inches taller than Dylan and has light brown hair and green eyes. He’s also much paler than Dylan’s olive complexion, probably because of his Polish roots. When he and Dylan first met, he had just arrived to yet another of many foster homes he had been in and out of since he was three years old. At fifteen, he was an old pro at being the new guy. He knew that his scrawny body and quiet demeanor made him a target but he had gotten good at spotting the bullies and avoiding them as much as possible. Dylan was the first to greet Jake, taking him under his wing. Dylan joined the Marines first as he is two years older but soon, Jake joined and now the two are practically inseparable.

When it comes to women though, Jake can try to take a page from Dylan’s book, but it’s a lot easier said than done.  Women are complicated creatures, more so to someone like Jake. He has a crush on Corporal Sara McNichol, a fellow Marine on the base but he’s too shy to talk to her. He notices her walking up to his Staff Sergeant, when Dylan tries, again, to talk him into asking her out. “Just say hi to her and ask her if she’d like to have a drink with you later. It’s really not as hard as you think it is. That’s how I started dating Rose and now I’m a happily married man.” Dylan flashes his left hand at Jake, exposing his wedding ring. Jake scoffs, “Yeah, she got the shitty end of that deal.” The men laugh and Dylan starts to say something when they hear their Sergeant yell for them.

Sergeant Joseph Lang is an older, battle-hardened African-American man in his early thirties. Already having served two and a half tours in Afghanistan, he looks and sounds older.  He’s a tough, no bullshit kind of guy and when the job needs to get done, he’s right there ready and willing. He calls for Sergeant Benetti to get his team ready to search for an insurgent in the village a few miles north of them. Dylan gets his team ready to head out.

The team enters the suspected hut cautiously as they were trained to do. Dylan’s gut tells him something is wrong, so he orders all but two of his men to stay back. He takes Jake and one other Marine, Corporal Dan Gilbert, a muscular tank of a man who looks more like a bulldozer than a human being. He was a wrestler in high school and amateur body builder before he entered the Marines. When they entered though, they were surrounded by the enemy. They had guns in their faces, relieved of their weapons and shoved to the ground before Dylan could issue orders. He was knocked out within seconds by the butt of a rifle.


I hope you enjoyed my little story about a vampire and zombie hunter.

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