My Rockin’ Reviews



Welcome to my rockin’ reviews!  This is where I will have my reviews.  I will have various reviews from food related items, to entertainment, to beauty products, to kid related items. Thank you for taking the time to look at my reviews.


From time to time I will write about the latest music I’ve listened and give a review on it. You can read my first music review on Pop Evil HERE I love, love, LOVE music and I look forward to sharing my music tastes with you all!

Television and Movies:

I’m also an avid TV and Movie goer so I will also periodically do reviews about these such as the one I wrote on The Shannara Chronicles. You can read that one HERE


I love books! I have a huge book shelf of various books that I have read over the years and I will write reviews on them. I also love reviewing books on new authors such as my good friend over at My Random Musings Debbie. She’s a great writer! You can read my review on her first book, Twisted Tales, HERE

Video Games:

I am also a fairly active gamer so you will also see a review here and there about the latest video game I’ve played or one that I particularly love. I wrote a short piece on Dragon Age: Inquisition a while back. It wasn’t so much a review as it was more me talking about one of my favorite games. You can read that one

Sponsored Reviews:

I haven’t done any of these reviews yet but hopefully in the future I will.

Miscellaneous Reviews: