Dear June, You Sure Did Keep Me Busy

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Dear June,

You have kept me on my toes this month. Most of it was for good reasons. Such as the Boston field trip I took with Conner. And the Mutton and Mead Festival I went to with Adam. Let’s not forget the Field Day at Conner’s school and oh yeah, Adam got not one, but THREE awards this year!

But Dear June,

You also sent my way some woes this month. The short but very stressful financial crises comes to mind. Boy was that a horrible three weeks. Let’s not do that again, okay.  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about my car dying. I swear I have the worst luck with cars.

Dear June,

You also dragged on for way too long as far as the kids having to be in school until June 21st. When most of my friends were telling me their kids ended in the beginning of June. It’s not entirely your fault though. That, I blame the school board, or whoever the hell is in charge of making up the school year. Still, you dragged on forever. To say the boys and I were so done with school this year is an understatement.

There were three different field trips for Conner. Then at the last minute I find out about a play his class  put on. I raced to see him in it only to miss him by two minutes. Grrrr!

Three different awards ceremonies for Adam all within one week. Which also happened to be the same week of two of Conner’s field trips. Did you really have to do that to me June?

Then there was my beautiful niece graduating from high school and I didn’t get to go because I didn’t have the funds to travel to Maryland to help her celebrate. But oh, doesn’t she look wonderful in her cap and gown?

my niece in her cap and gown_dearjune_rockinrandommom

However Dear June,

It was all worth it in the end. I got to go to Boston with Conner. While the kids were supposed to be learning the history of Boston, especially in regards to the Revolutionary War, we managed to have fun. And Shop! Yeah, I spent way too much money in Boston. Note to self: bring more money 😉

I love Boston. I’ve been there twice (now three times) and every time I love it more. So when the teacher said she needed chaperones for the trip, I jumped at the chance to show my son an amazing city – my favorite so far – and I got to spend some much needed quality time with him.


Dear June,

Going to awards ceremonies for Adam back to back was definitely worth it just to see my boy get awards he didn’t even know he was getting. He got a Stars to Special Education award – for being an awesome classmate and student – and he got two academic awards: One in Biology and One in English. Yep! I am one #proudmama

Dear June,

We also helped the boys’ dad celebrate Father’s Day this year but I wrote a post on that last week if you want to catch up. It was a good day and he loved his gifts!

We ended the school year with Adam and I going to the Renaissance Festival held every year at this time. It took some finagling with money but I was able to get us there and we had a great time! I loved spending time with just Adam. We don’t get that much anymore and having such a great day out with him is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Me and My Son_Dear June_RockinRandomMom

Now I have one more week left of this month and while it isn’t going to be as busy as the weeks before, I still have some stressors coming up. Just get me through Tuesday and I won’t complain again, I promise! Can someone bring me some wine?

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Not to worry though, my birthday month is just around the corner. Both my real birthday and my blog birthday! Bring on July!

Thanks so much for reading!



FYI to all my readers: I will be taking a much needed break. The Summer is a very busy time for me, especially as how I prefer to be outside with the kids doing fun stuff like swimming. I will still post new stuff but not as often. I will still be active on Social Media though so catch me there 🙂


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