Rockin’ Quote #34: Know When to Walk Away


It’s been awhile since I posted a quote of the week. This quote “know when to walk away…” is piggy backing off of my last post When a Romantic Relationship Affects Your Mental Health. I spoke a little bit about my suspicions of my ex-boyfriend possibly having a mental illness. I also spoke about how he always shut me down with every suggestion I would make about getting help.

Reading over it though, it occurred to me that I didn’t really talk about one huge reason I felt I had to walk away from him. I want to talk about this because if there is a reader out there who feels they need to stay with someone in order to help that person, please consider all of your options first.


If you’re anything like me, you don’t like to give up on the ones you love. You may also be what I call, a fixer. If I have a problem or if someone I love has a problem, I like to find a solution to that problem. I can’t tell you why I’m like this. Maybe it’s because I am the oldest of four. Maybe it has to do with my childhood and how I grew up. Or maybe I was just born this way.

The point is this: Because I have a fixer type of personality and I hate giving up on people, I don’t always know when to walk away. But years of therapy and much, MUCH self-reflection have helped me to see that sometimes I really do need to walk away from a negative or toxic person. I have to for my own benefit.

Sometimes I struggle with this because I wonder if I’m being selfish. I was told constantly as a kid that I was selfish. You know how kids are. When I wouldn’t let my little brother play with me and my barbies because he was my annoying little brother. Or when I was called a selfish bitch as a teenager because of whatever I wrote in my diary that day.


I talked in my last post about my depression while in that relationship. There were days when I wouldn’t even get out of bed. My kids noticed the very obvious change in me. I have struggled with depression my whole life. However, for the past two years I have been doing very well in spite of that.

I was very active and very involved with my children’s schools. I was writing every day, either in my blog or working on other projects. Then I met someone and while the honeymoon phase can be expected to take one away from the world a little bit, it went deeper than that.

Then there was me trying to help him. I wanted to fix his problems. Except he didn’t want to fix his problems. When I think about it, I know its because he isn’t ready. You really do have to be ready to take that journey into self-improvement and healing. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. Remember that.

walkaway_rockinrandommomThe second part of my quote, “Be strong enough to stay away” is what tends to be a problem for so many people. To walk away is one thing but when you really care for someone, staying away is a different story. Because I wanted so much to help him, even after we broke up, I wanted to remain friends. 


The problem with remaining friends with an unhealthy person though is that you get pulled back into their world. You get pulled back into their darkness. Before I knew it, I was right back where I was before. I knew then that in order for me to be healthy I had to walk away completely.


I had to think about myself and my boys. There were also questions about what we had in common. We didn’t have a whole lot. Video games were the most prominent. He didn’t take interest in any of my interests yet kept “strongly recommending” his interests. Even gaming stopped being fun after a while because if he wasn’t constantly jokingly insulting my gaming, then he was criticizing the game itself and after awhile that just stopped being fun.


This also applies to those who find themselves in abusive relationships. Most people stay out of fear but many stay because they believe they can “fix” their partner. Remember what I said earlier? They have to WANT to fix it. They have to want to change. It’s out of your hands. At the end of the day you have to be happy. Know when to walk away…Be strong enough to stay away.

I would love to know what you think about this topic. Leave me a note in the comments.

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When a Romantic Relationship Affects Your Mental Health


Last year I met someone who I thought was a soul mate. While I often question the validity of soul mates, deep down I wish for one. That one person who just gets me. This person seemed to do just that. We had this really strong instant connection. The relationship showed a lot of promise.


That was so refreshing. He actually took the time to get to know me. It’s so rare to find that these days. I found him to be a unique person with a unique mind and I adored our conversations. We could talk about anything and the conversations flowed as if we had always known each other.

We had a long distance relationship. This was against my rules of dating. We met online – Xbox – another rule broken. Still, though I wanted to give it a chance. I wanted to open myself up to the possibilities. A third rule I broke was to not date someone more than 5 years younger than me. He was in his twenties. He presented himself as a mature and deep, intelligent thinker.

relationship_rockinrandommomI don’t trust easily and it takes a lot for me to tell someone I love them. It happened fast and within a month we were exchanging I love you’s and talking long term. I watch Catfish on MTV so naturally I was cautious. We had Skyped and sent pictures and spoke on the phone. He was who he said he was.


When I commit to someone and really love someone, I tend to go above and beyond. I’m a very generous person and eventually realized my generosity was being taken advantage of. When I said something, his answer was always, “Well, I didn’t ask you.” When coupled with how he “didn’t ask” – that is manipulation.

He had a way though, of making me second guess my instincts. Because of my trust issues I told myself that it was my own crazy thoughts that were keeping me from fully trusting him. I look back on that now and I know better. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
relationship_rockinrandommomHe would often ignore me for a week or two at a time then come back and tell me how much he missed me. When I get ignored, I get angry but I also get distant. I told him this yet he kept ignoring me anyway. This had nothing to do with family obligations or work. It was all about gaming. He often retreated to his own little bubble where no one else existed, save his gaming buddies. During these times, I found myself depressed and irritable. I allowed it to affect my well being and happiness. Not Cool!

This song explains it perfectly:

Even so, I continued to date him. I really believed in our connection. Despite all the signs I believed in him. I saw his potential. I also wanted to help him. You see, over the course of our 10 month relationship/friendship I saw strong signs of a possible mental illness.

relationship_rockinrandommomHe would lie or exaggerate certain truths about his life in order to gain my sympathy. I genuinely wanted to help him but often found myself more stressed out and withdrawn. I was really stressing and worrying over his well being and beating myself up when he consistently ignored my advice. He could talk the talk but couldn’t walk the walk.


relationship_rockinrandommomThe last straw for me was when he “forgot” my birthday. Wait. What he said was he didn’t forget, just forgot to tell me. I called bullshit on that and realized, finally, that I needed to let him go. We weren’t in a relationship by then but we were still acting like a couple. It showed me how selfish he really was. Despite his constant words of “I love you” and “You’re the most important thing in my life”, his actions kept showing me the opposite.


I finally came to the conclusion that what he really wanted was a savior. Someone to rescue him from his life and take care of him. He wanted a mother and a lover in one while at the same time someone to obsess over him. I’m just not down with that. For my own sanity I had to cut him from my life. Sometimes you just have to walk away. I have to put my happiness first. After, I realized just how much he had drained me emotionally.

I was really angry with him but more angry with myself. The truth is I felt duped. How can that be? I’m smarter than this? I really had to come to terms with the whole situation. I invested so much more into the relationship. I gave more than I got. I can’t say this relationship was a mistake because I learned something very valuable about myself. Now I can move forward. Never settle for less than you deserve.


Have you had a similar experience in relationships? Let me know in the comments.

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My New Mindfulness: Meditation at 40


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Meditation was never something I thought I’d ever do. I remember when I was in my 20’s and I would see a group of people meditating at a park.  I would think, “what the hell are they doing? I’m never gonna do that. That looks boring as hell.” Little did I know that 20 years later, that’s exactly what I’d be doing. With 40 looming right around the corner, meditation has recently been added to my repertoire of calming activities to help keep my sanity.

As we get older and the reality of life sets in with work, kids, bills, and various other factors that stress us, we look for ways to keep calm and DE-stress as much as possible. For the past two months I have added meditation to my routine.


Because my mind runs about a mile a minute I really wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do this meditation thing. I mean, come on, I have to sit still and clear my head. Clearing the brain is difficult but giving up is an option because of my stress level and anxiety.

You know how on Facebook you get ads in your feed about various things? These ads are supposed to cater to your interests based off of your likes. That’s where I found it. An app that actually talks you through meditation. It’s called Calm and you can try the free version or purchase the yearly subscription on iTunes.

Calm App

I tried the free version first. It starts with the 7 Days of Calm. It’s the only one you can try with the free version but you also get three different sleep stories and several different nature sounds.


You can do these meditations anytime you want but I chose to do them before bed. I have a really hard time shutting my brain off at night and because of this it takes me 2 hours to fall asleep. So I really wanted something to help me calm my mind. I didn’t just do the meditation though. I added the sleep story right after. By day three I was asleep before the end of the story. Each story is about 30 minutes long and I was sleeping 15 minutes in.

That’s a pretty big difference from 2 hours! At first, I wasn’t doing them on the weekends but I found that if I skipped, then by Monday I was back to being easily stressed and way too much on my mind. So I added the weekends in and it has made a big difference. I finally went all in and purchased the full version of the app and I have been loving it!


One of my favorite things about this app though are the quotes shown to you after every mediation. I love quotes and always look for positive and inspiring quotes to help me when I’m feeling down or just need a pick me up.


It has helped me so much and for a person who has never put much stock into meditation, this is a big deal. My therapist has recommended I add one more meditation time in so I’m going to do that. Well, I’m working on it anyway. This past week has been pretty busy and I will be busy for the next week. But I think finding the time to do even a 10 minute mediation will help me keep my calm, especially through the busy times.



We all know that when we get busy, we get irritated easier than normal. That’s the stress of life. But adding just a small meditation has helped me immensely. I do yoga first thing in the morning. The yoga DVD I have has a 2 minute mediation at the end of it. Then I do my meditation at night with the Calm app.

I am working on adding Tai Chi to my day but it has been difficult because I don’t have a lot of space. Yesterday I spent the whole day rearranging my room to make more space. It looks like it might be enough. That’s one more piece to my puzzle added to my quest for peace of mind through out the day.


They even have meditation and sleep stories for the kids. I have tried getting my two boys to try it out with me but to no avail but I won’t give up though. I figure if they keep seeing me do it, they may eventually want to do it too. For you parents who have younger kids though, give it a shot.

What do you think of meditation?

Thanks so much for Reading!



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To My Therapist, Thank You!


tomytherapist_rockinrandommomI actually meant to start this post back in November but I got so busy and honestly, I wasn’t ready to write about it.

Therapy has ended. It ended in October of 2015.  If I remember correctly, I started therapy in September or October of 2005.  It has taken ten years to finally move on from my childhood. It took ten years, a lot of hard work and a phenomenal therapist who treated me with respect, approached our sessions with understanding and patience, and helped me re-train my brain so that all of those negative thoughts and behaviors I had grown up with could be pushed out of my mind, paving the way for a new outlook on life.

To you, my wonderful therapist, I thank you! I thank you for not judging me. I thank you for giving me a safe space to not just express my feelings, but to figure out what those feelings were. I remember when I first came to you, I told you flat out that I don’t trust therapists. I had had a few bad experiences with some who were less interested in me and more interested in studying me. You were interested in helping me. You didn’t see me as a statistic. You saw me as a human being.

I remember early on that I told you I believed I was a freak and that I would never be normal. I would never feel normal. You didn’t argue with me. You just listened and you encouraged me to keep talking about why I felt that way. No one ever wanted to know why I felt any sort of way. As you know, growing up, my feelings were never taken into consideration. I was never listened to. I was nothing more than damaged goods to those who were supposed to care for me. To them, I would never amount to anything. I was destined for failure as far as they were concerned. But you knew better.

You showed me that I am so much more than that. You showed me that I am a worthy human being with intelligent thoughts and real feelings. You showed me that I matter. You helped me build up my self-esteem and knock down my steel walls. I had so many walls. When I came to you I felt like a monster.  I was battling my demons and they were winning. I was starting to become very cold. I felt dead inside. You helped me change all of that. You helped me turn it all around and I thank you!

I had held in so many emotions for such a long time that one of the reasons I came to you was because I was feeling emotions, anger and rage, in particular, and I didn’t know why. More importantly, I felt like I was losing control. I thought I was going crazy. When you explained to me that I had PTSD and what that meant, it helped me to see that I wasn’t crazy and that my feelings were real. They were very intense but they were real.

You helped me stare down my demons, fight the horde, and come out on top. With your help, I developed some real life skills that go way beyond mere survival. Through you, I learned how to notice my triggers and how to handle them when they happen. I will be honest with you, this past Christmas I was triggered twice by total strangers. The second time I did lose my cool but I also calmed myself down long enough to deal with the problem at hand. I used the skills you gave me and I didn’t dwell.heal_rockinrandommom

The most important thing you helped me with was forgiveness and not just forgiving those who hurt me. You helped me to forgive myself. You helped me to fully accept that the things that happened to me as a child wasn’t my fault and by accepting that, I was able to forgive myself and by forgiving myself, I have gotten closer with my spiritual side. I’m not angry with God anymore. I no longer believe the Universe is out to get me.

It took ten long years and a lot of hard work from both of us but without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t think if I can ever truly express just how grateful I am that you came into my life. I made the decision to get better. You helped me achieve that goal. I am better now. There are things I know I will always struggle with but know that each day is a little easier. I miss you though. You were an important part of my life for a long time and I miss our conversations but I want you to know that I am happy. I am finally happy! I wish you all the best!

Thank you!!!


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Dear Father


Dear Father,

I thought of you today. I thought of you and it didn’t send me into a depressive state. I thought of you and I didn’t even get mad. I wasn’t angry… or afraid. Instead, when I thought of you, I tried to imagine the little boy you used to be. I saw a picture of you once when you were five years old and in that picture, you looked so happy. When I had asked my aunt what you were like as a child, she told me you were one of the sweetest, caring, loving, and giving children she had ever known. It made me wonder, what happened?

I asked that question actually. I asked her, “What made him so mean? What made him a monster?” I was a teenager at the time of this conversation and I was still so angry with you. I was still so afraid of you but I was also so vengeful towards you. Every time I thought of you for a long time, these emotions would come to surface so quickly I couldn’t control them and they would linger for weeks. I hated you!

But for that brief moment I wanted to understand you. I didn’t want to see you as a human being though. I only ever saw you as a monster. There was something about that picture that spoke to me. Maybe it was your eyes and your smile. When I knew you, you never smiled and your eyes were empty. Maybe it was the innocence on your face that drew me in. Your sweet, innocent face.

I was told that your mother had been very abusive to you. I was told she never wanted you and that she told you many times that she wished you were never born. I don’t know if any of that is true but if it is, I understand. It doesn’t excuse anything you did – not even a little bit – but I understand. That must have been really hard for you.

I hadn’t thought about that conversation in a long time until today. I’ve had a busy day. Did a lot of running around and while driving, I just thought of you. I started having this imaginary conversation with you in my head, asking you about your childhood as if I was your therapist instead of your daughter. I listened to you with empathy and compassion. Even after that though, you denied any wrong doing towards your own children and I said, “That’s fine. I don’t need your apology or your acknowledgement. I just need you to know that I understand and I forgive you.” I remembered the picture and remembered your smile. It’s my son’s smile. It’s my smile. Then I thought of my son, Conner.

I thought of his happiness and his openness. I thought of his curiosity and his intelligence. I thought of his smile and how his eyes light up. Did you have that same light? Did someone snuff it out? Did someone squash your potential? While having these thoughts about you, it didn’t sour my mood. You don’t know this but that is a huge thing for me. For as long as I can remember, I have always been filled with rage, dread, and fear whenever I think of you. So much so, that I would find myself severely depressed and highly anxious for weeks after the thoughts. Those thoughts would trigger horrible nightmares that I couldn’t shake.

Not this time. This time I simply thought of you and that was that. Maybe I should give some credit to Def Leppard because I was listening to them in the car while having my thoughts and they always put me in a great mood. Maybe the music kept me from sinking but I also know that it is me. I forgave you last year and since then my feelings towards you have been changing. I don’t hate you anymore. I don’t love you, but I don’t hate you either.

Some part of me is still angry with you and probably always will be, but my blinding rage towards you has evaporated. The biggest thing though: I no longer fear you! Because of all of this, I can think of you with some level of understanding. I can think of you as a human being and I know that NO ONE will snuff out my son’s light. No one will take away his smile and no one is going to squash his potential.

You were a sweet and caring person once. I don’t believe that you were born bad but bad things happened and you let that change you. You let that define you. I won’t let that happen to me.


Your Daughter

A little Def Leppard for your viewing pleasure!

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